Board Goals

PLEASE NOTE:  The Board of Education is currently identifying goals for the 2019-2020 school year and will be posted shortly

Prior Years' Board of Education Goals


  • Continue to support the prioritization of continuous improvement for all students at all levels in all areas of instruction.
  • District Goals #1 and #2 speak to this priority.
  • Provide support for a formal benchmarking process to be implemented according to District protocol to monitor and identify student growth.​


  • To foster strong partnerships with home, school, business and community to ensure all citizens are well informed.
  • Improve the distribution of information to the community.
  • Provide more detailed minutes with discussion points including old business and new business for the next Board of Education meeting. 


  • Improve budget presentations to include actual spending to date compared to proposed budget.
  • To provide financial information to support the fact that the enrollment of nonresident students will serve to enhance our current program, but is not a necessary requirement to financially sustain our high school.
  • The Board of Education will diligently work to support the District in providing a fair budget to the taxpayers while maintaining programs that are in the best interests of the students.
  • Support the restructuring of the Business Office based upon the results of recent audits and evaluations of internal controls. o Expand the Audit Committee to include a community member. 


  • Continue to support the district in providing ongoing staff development in the following areas:
  1. Common Core ELA
  2. Common Core Mathematics
  3. STEM
  4. Instructional Strategies
  5. Character Education


  • To support the District in maintaining an innovative learning environment that is safe, efficient, nurturing and supportive of student interests and needs.