From the President

School Board President
Mrs. Allyson Arber

My name is Allyson Arber and I am honored to serve as the Board of Education President of the Tuxedo Union Free School District. The Board of Education consists of seven elected volunteers. On behalf of Vice President, Adam Eirand, and Board Members, Michael Arone, Diana Petrosky, Mary Vaught, Dorothy Ziegelbauer and Nancy Bourke, we welcome you to this very special school district focused on what is best for the children.

The Board of Education meets monthly and welcomes community involvement. The community has traditionally provided outstanding support for our school district, and quality education is a community priority. The main role of the Board of Education is to set policy and work with the Superintendent of Schools to set goals, plan a fiscally sound budget, and ensure that we provide a meaningful education for all students. The school administration works diligently to bring new and innovative programs to all students K-12 at George Grant Mason School and George F. Baker High School. 

I encourage all residents to check the District website for regular updates of all meetings and school wide events. Our Board welcomes your feedback, whether it is a compliment or a concern. We encourage your continued support and participation.